Make and Use a Bite Block

How to make and use a bite block

In this video clip, the construction and use of a bite-block (BB) is demonstrated (after Netsell, 1985). Lindblom and Sundberg (1971) introduced the BB as a means of stabilizing the jaw during speech.  To see the BB in use, see No. 6 under Teaching Modules (Cinefluorography: Normal Speakers).

Click here for BB video


1. The tongue depressor and the soft bite block should be placed in the mouth at the same time.
2. The bite block should be placed between the upper and lower molars; not incisors.  The impression needs only to include 2 molars.


Lindblom, B. & Sundberg, J. (1971).  Neurophysiological representation of speech sounds.  Presented at the 15th World Congress of Logopedics and Phoniatrics, Buenos Aires.

Netsell, R.  Construction and use of a bite-block for the evaluation and treatment of speech disorders.  Journal of Speech & Hearing Disorders 50: 103-106 (1985).