Inspiratory Checking


 Inspiratory checking is a method for evaluating and treating speech breathing disorders. The link below is to a power point tutorial that is an elaboration of a 1992 ASHA presentation by Netsell and Hixon.  If you are not familiar with the respiratory mechanics of speech breathing, it is recommended you read the teaching module by that name at this website before reading INSPIRATORY CHECKING.

Over the years, the instruction to “take a deep breath” has been modified.  Ideally, the “deep breath” would approximate 50% of the individual’s inspiratory capacity (IC).  We ask the client to perform IC maneuvers and try to sense what it feels like to be at this lung volume level.  Then we ask the client to inhale to approximately 50% of their IC. Of course, many clients cannot do this.  Never the less, the intent is to have the client begin speaking above tidal volume, with relatively small positive and negative relaxation pressures (see Figure 2 in the power point).  Not surprisingly, we typically speak slightly above and into tidal volume.

Click here to download the 4 MB Power Point presentation