Auditory-Perceptual Masking

Auditory-Perceptual Masking

In this video clip the speaker is simulating a dysarthria. Your task is to assess the presence and severity of velopharyngeal (VP) dysfunction under 3 speaking conditions. As the video progresses, you have increasing difficulty assessing the presence and severity of VP dysfunction.

Indeed, in the 3rd segment, you have difficulty comprehending what is being said. This is an example of “auditory-perceptual masking”. In these cases, it is necessary to use instrumentation (cinefluoroscopy, nasoendoscopy, and aeromechanics) to determine the presence and severity of VP dysfunction as well as the presence and severity of involvement in the other vocal tract components (viz. respiratory system, larynx, tongue, lips and jaw).

Follow this sequence with the video:

1. Click below to see the video.
2. Click on the “text for the 3rd speaking condition.
3. Then, replay the 3rd segment at about 0:43.

Now, you can understand everything I’m saying.

Click here for the video

Click here for the text of the 3rd speaking condition.